Members of the St. Petrersburg Swans (Tampa Bay ARFC) played as a combined club with teams from Portland, Arizona and Seattle to capture the 2016 USAFL Women’s Division II Championship. Shown (L-R): Dionne Jones, Heather van der Hoop, Holly Wenrich, Sharon Gam, coach designee Judah Lieblich, Annie Weaver.

Since its inception, Major League Footy and its founding club have been strong supporters of both competitive co-ed and women’s footy.

Buoyed by the presence of three former members of the USAFL Women’s National Team, co-ed participation has been the expected norm at both the St. Petersburg Swans (Tampa Bay ARFC), and throughout the Major League Footy initiative.

With five Swans (Tampa Bay) players – teaming up with members of the Portland, Arizona and Seattle clubs – helped capture the 2016 Women’s Division II National Championship.

Each of those players also participated in the 2016-’17 Major League Footy winter season, and are foundational players for the league’s Women’s program.


Holly Wenrich (1) in action in co-ed 2016 regular-season matchplay.

Many Major League Footy matches are designated as co-ed, with little or no rules variation for integrated squads.

All St. Petersburg Swans (Tampa Bay ARFC) and Major League Footy trainings, practices and competitions are always open to co-ed players of all ages and skill level, and all opportunities for match participation, captaincy and administration are open to all players.