AFI FOOTY 9s1. Playing Field
Regulation American Football field.

2. Teams
A. Teams shall consist of 9 players on the field and a maximum of 6 reserves.
B. Interchange of players may take place at any time.
C. Teams shall consist of 3 forwards, 3 midfielders and 3 defenders.
D. At the start of play and after each goal, the midfielders must line up in the central zone – in between both 40 yard lines.
E. To prevent congestion, the forwards and defenders must line up behind the 20 yard line at the start of play and after each goal.
F. Apart from (D) and (E) players can go anywhere on the field and there is no off-side.

3. Playing Time
4 x 20 minute quarters.

4. Start of Play
A. The game shall be started by a jump ball between two players on the center of the 50 yard line.
B. A player may not grab the ball at the jump ball and play on. They must attempt to knock or tap the ball to another player.
C. After a goal, the ball is taken to the center and restarted as in (A).
D. If the attacking team has a shot at goal and misses, one of the members of the defending team will kick the ball back into play from within the end zone. All other players must be on or outside the 10 yard line when he kicks the ball back into play.

5. Moving the Ball
A. When a player has possession of the ball, he can dispose of the ball via a handball, forward pass or kick.
B. A forward pass is defined as an overhand quarterback style pass.
C. Other than a forward pass, players are not permitted to throw the ball. Throws include laterals, rugby passes and hand-offs.
D. Disposing of the ball illegally will result in a free kick being awarded to the other team.

6. Out of Bounds
A. When the ball goes out of bounds by either foot or hand, the nearest opponent shall kick the ball in.
B. If there is doubt as to which team forced the ball out of bounds, the umpire shall throw the ball up 10 yards from the boundary line.

7. Tackling
A. Full tackling is allowed. When a player is tackled by an opponent, they must dispose of the ball by handball, forward pass or kick. If the player fails to dispose of the ball, possession will be awarded to the other team.
B. If a player has had prior opportunity to dispose of the ball when tackled, it is holding the ball and a turnover will occur.

8. Marking
Any player catching a ball directly from the kick of another player, provided the ball has travelled at least 10 yards and is not touched in flight, shall be awarded a mark.

9. Play On
Any player catching a ball directly from a handball or forward pass shall not be awarded a mark i.e. play shall continue.

10. Bouncing the Ball
A player in possession must bounce the ball after running 10 yards.

11. Kicking Off the Ground
A player is not permitted to deliberately kick the ball off the ground.

12. Scoring
Goals are scored by kicking the ball through the goal posts. There are no behind posts or behinds.

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