SUNCOAST(DECEMBER 3, 2016) – Ken Scheidt and the Suncoast Suns earned their first four points on the ladder Saturday, roaring back from a huge early deficit to run out 10.7.67 – 9.5.59 winners over the Pasco Black Dog FC at the Crescent Lake Common in St. Petersburg.

Storming out to a 5.1.31 – 0.1.1 lead after the first frame – powered by the scoring of Jake Keglor, Miro Gladovic and Dustin Jones, the Black Dog FC found the going considerably slower in the second, but still found themselves up a seemingly- comfortable 23 points at the big break.

A few missed opportunities in the 2nd quarter would come back to haunt, however.

With Scheidt calling adjustments at the half – notably moving Austen Kugler to an outpost at the top of the goal square – helped the Suns establish an improved point-to-point attack that helped neutralized great defensive play turned in by Danny McDonald and the rest of the Pasco backline in the second half.

Those moves – plus the stellar ruck play of young newcomer Amaran Subramanian and pesky defense from fellow new recruit Joe Caravella turned those adjustments into an all-Suncoast second half.

After racing to a 5.1 -1.1 result in the third period and finding themselves entering the final stanza a point in the front, the Suns maintained pressure in the fourth, adding another three majors before two late goals from Pasco narrowed the final result.

The win moves Suncoast level with St. Petersburg on the young winter season and with a chance to top the ladder next week, as the Suns play host to Greg Bray and Starfish FC at Crescent Lake, December 10 at 10 AM.


1 2 3 4 F    
Pasco Black Dog FC (Metro)
5.1 1.1 1.1 2.2 9.5.59    
Suncoast Suns(Metro)
0.1 2.3 5.1 3.2 10.7.67



St Pete Swans(NOVEMBER 19, 2016) – There were few signs of  off-season rust for Jake Keglor and the St. Pete Swans offense Saturday, as the Bloods ran out big winners over Orlando, 11.6.72 – 3.6.24.

Outstanding performances up front from sharpshooting duo of Aaron Crittenden and Austen Kugler spearheaded an attack that also saw big games from Keglor, Ken Scheidt and Jaron Weaver.

The Red and White dominated a short-handed Kangas side from first bounce, racing out to a 25-point margin at the first break. That lead would grow to 37 at the half.

Finally finding themselves in control of the tempo after the intermission, the Kangas did manage to win the third frame, but the squad’s errant kicking prevented a comeback, with six dead-to-rights opportunities amounting to just four behinds.

With Keglor sidelined with a ankle injury after a nasty tumble, the Swans relied more heavily on Scheidt and Weaver in the late-going to dispel any thoughts of a nail-biter, as St. Pete tacked on three late majors to close out the proceedings.

The season-opening win in the inaugural Major League Footy season of winter Australian Football in Florida gives the Swans a 4-point jump on the rest of the ladder.

Basil Benjamin was named Orlando’s Best on Ground, with Austen Kugler taking the honors for St. Petersburg.

Newcomer Joe Caravella made his 2016-17 debut for the Kangas in a losing cause.

The next Winter Footy match is Saturday, December 3 on the Common at Crescent Lake in St. Pete.

1 2 3 4 F    
Orlando Kangas (Metro)
0.0 0.2 2.4 1.0 3.6.24    
St. Petersburg  Swans (Metro)
4.1 2.2 2.0 3.3 11.6.72




The Major League Footy 2016 Winter Draft will be held November 4, 2016.

(NOVEMBER 9, 2016) – The 2016 Major League Footy Winter Player Draft will be held at 7 PM, Friday, November 11 in St. Petersburg, Florida.

The draft will feature players from the Tampa Bay ARFC player list, and will permit the winter footy clubs of the Inaugural Major League Footy circuit to select their roster from available players.

Major League Footy is the Winter League of Australian Football in Florida, with play beginning November 19, 2016 and culminating in a Championship Final in February 2017. Major League Footy winter season play is scheduled during the traditional American ‘off-season’, and features six sides comprised on Tampa Bay ARFC players. Match play is in 7s and 9s format during the Winter Season, which concurs with St. Petersburg Swans (Tampa Bay ARFC) off-season training.

A draft order lottery will be held November 9. The 2016 Winter Footy Draft will be overseen by incoming St. Petersburg Swans / Tampa Bay ARFC Player List Manager Jacob Kelgor.


* A draft order lottery will be held November 10, 2016.
* All members of the Tampa Bay ARFC player list as of 10 November, 2016 must be selected.
* The Draft shall consist of 7 rounds.
* Each side will have 10 minutes to select in each round
* Winter Footy match play is co-ed.
* Club captains are permitted to trade draft selections for players or additional picks for the duration of the Draft.
* The historical Florida Redbacks list is protected for the February 11, 2017 match, and also for the Championship Final, should Florida advance.
* All members of the Florida Redbacks historical list are eligible to be selected in the 2016 Winter Footy Draft, but will return to the Florida side for February 11, 2017 match and subsequent final, should the side advance.
* As their player list for February 11, 2017 match is protected, the Florida Redbacks will not participate in the 2016 Winter Draft, but will be eligible for player assignments from other clubs for matches involving Florida.
* The current co-ed player list of the Orlando club will be similarly protected for match play involving Orlando.
* Orlando will participate in the 2016 Winter Footy Draft
* New recruits to the St. Petersburg Swans (Tampa Bay ARFC) list shall be eligible for match play.
* Draft-ineligible players are eligible to play for any side, but that side will relinquished one drafted player to a common pool for each such assignment. The surrendered drafted player will then be eligible to play for any side, without restriction.
* New recruits added to the player list will be assigned by the List Manager with the following criteria:
a) Territorial (by county)
b) List availability needs of match day clubs

* On match days, competing sides are permitted a number of borrowed players from inactive sides in order to field a co-ed side for 7s or 9s play, as determined by the List Manager and Umpire. Borrowed players statistics will count, and borrowed players return to their respective clubs.


The purpose of the Winter Footy Player Draft is to enable each of the competing sides of off-season to maintain stable rosters for off-season play; encourage localized training wherever possible; build overall team play for the St. Petersburg Swans and Tampa Bay ARFC; prepare for the 2017 season, and to have FUN!