The Major League Footy First Division is comprised of the league’s established, or ‘legacy’ sides. These sides generally have ‘set’ player lists, and have participated in previous MLF pre-season player allocation drafts.

For the 2018 Major League Footy Premiership Season, First Division sides typically play a greater number of overall games in comparison with the newer or developing ‘Elite Series‘ sides.

The resulting ‘unbalanced’ schedule increases the importance of both overall wins-loss and percentages, making it possible for all sides to compete for a post-season playoff berth.

Matches played as ‘friendly’ or exhibition games versus visiting or non-league teams do not factor in the 2018 Major League Footy Premiership.

First Division sides may select, trade or de-list players to and from fellow First Division sides at the draft period, and the league may assign players to either First Division or Elite Series sides, depending on player allocation needs.

During the 2018 Major League Footy Premiership Season, said transactions can occur from match-to-match, and the statistics of each player move with that player to his/her new side.

Elite Series sides are developing player lists on a territorial assignment basis and have not yet participated in a MLF pre-season player allocation draft.