Match Centre - May 19, 2018 - 11:00 am

Major League Footy 

Tampa Bay Bombers
Clearwater Kangas
1 2 3 4 T
Tampa Bay Bombers 21 42 32 33 128
Clearwater Kangas 16 13 32 14 75

@ Crescent Lake Common

Match Details



Ben McIntosh (L) put up his second consecutive scoring masterpiece Saturday.

The Tampa Bay Bombers parlayed a second quarter scoring onslaught to run out 128-75 winners over Clearwater in sultry Central Florida conditions Saturday.

In a testy contest, Tampa Bay pulled away with a 7.0.42 – 2.1.13 outburst after the first break, never looking back.

After a first stanza of tentative play that saw each side searching for an attack, the Bombers maintained relentless pressure straight through to the big break.

Although the action in the second half proved much more even after intermission – including a deadlocked 5.2.32 to each in the third quarter – the regrouping Kangas couldn’t overcome the earlier barrage, as Aaron Crittenden and Ben McIntosh each tallied rapid-fire majors.

Crittenden’s goal from under six seconds coming out of the ruck contest opened the second half with one of the fastest scoring sequences on the season.

McIntosh may have emerged as the prohibitive favorite in the 2018 Major League Footy scoring leadership, as he ran his tally to 22 goals on the season.

Likely to be permanently assigned to an MLF side going forward, McIntosh has appeared in matches for both the Bombers and StarfishFC in consecutive weeks.

The week of May 26 sees Major League Footy on a competition-wide bye during the Memorial Day holiday.

Play resumes Saturday, June 2 as Miami visits Lakeland and St. Petersburg in the season’s third ‘Footy Night In Florida’.