Major League Footy is a fast, free-flowing ‘Distinctively American’ version of Aussie Rules – customized for action-packed play in the States!

Tailor-made to bring the best of Aussie Rules in a format that’s true to the spirit of footy (the world’s oldest football code) – while still also fresh, new and ultra-intense, Major League Footy is a specific adaptation of rules originally developed in conjunction with Australian Football International, and intended expressly for American players, team operators and fans.

With five players on the ground and up to five reserves,


St. Petersburg’s Clint Jones surveys his options vs. Starfish FC in the 2018 Major League Footy Premiership Season Opener in Largo, Florida.

MLF Aussie Fives makes it much easier to field a competitive team here in the States…while also retaining key elements of the traditional sport of Aussie Rules, such as ruck contests to begin each quarter and traditional goal and behind posts – with the addition of super-goals and lightning-fast ‘double-header’ matches.

And, since it’s played on an American football-sized field – there’s no need to hunt for something approximating a cricket ground (in short supply in the US), or 18-players per side!

Much like Aussie Rules itself, MLF is a hybrid of playing formats. MLF is not traditional footy, it’s not AFLX, it’s not ‘metro rules’ and it’s not AFI Footy 9s, from which the gameplay format is most closely based.

Instead, MLF features everything the world loves about Aussie Rules – impossible speckies, hard hits, great runs, precision passing and fantastic goals – all in a definitively more ‘Americanized’ format, with standardized rules across the league.

After hundreds of trial matches, Major League Footy has adapted ‘Aussie Fives’ as the format that best preserves the best of footy – open space, contested play with reduced congestion, and distills the game to a sustainable, growth-oriented – and exciting new take on the footy.