MLFDo you have a passion for Footy?

Have you often thought that promoting and growing the game would be a dream job?

Well, you have come to the right place!

We have had many years of experience in growing the game internationally. Through trial and error, we have seen first-hand what works and what does not.

It’s our mission to grow the sport of Australian Rules Football internationally, while also empowering those who share that vision to achieve their goals, and see footy become a ‘Top 5’ sport here in the United States!

Major League Footy Eliminates Participation Barriers

A traditional 18-a-side version of Australian Football has a number of significant barriers that have hindered its growth outside Australia, many of which you’ve likely experienced in your own footy journey…

Regular matches are played on large cricket ovals, featuring 18 players per team. Add another 4 reserve players (per team), plus 6 umpires, runners and the like, and you need 50 people to play a match of traditional Australian football.

Major League Footy and the Footy 9s format have been designed to make it much easier for participants to enjoy playing a new game, without the difficulty of trying to find a large enough field and recruit a small army in order to play.

And, Major League Footy Makes Footy Free To Play.

An American Model

The other barrier of course is the huge amounts of time and money volunteers have expended trying to grow the game internationally.

Whilst no doubt personally rewarding, this has also imposed an enormous strain on people, resulting in ‘burn out’ and folks leaving the game.
They may have also come under pressure from their partner, who fail to see why you are “wasting all your time and money on this hobby of yours”.

Sound familiar?

While the club culture is, of course, central to the footy experience in Australia, the ‘club’ model does not translate well to American sports culture.

Major League Footy has created a franchise system to allow you to achieve your dream of growing the game internationally, without the significant participation, time and cost barriers mentioned above. We want you to have fun and be rewarded for your efforts.

Major League Footy is structured to operate footy in an ‘Americanized’ model of pro sports – The league sets the schedule, provides umpires, rents fields matching a standard criteria, manages league and team media, and provides equipment and uniforms.

In turn, franchisees are granted a protected market, and are responsible for the day-to-day operation of their club, including providing players everything needed to learn, play and excel at footy!

Obviously, this structure varies widely from traditional footy club culture, as players are not expected to pay ‘club dues’ or buy their jumpers.

Clubs may also compensate player personnel who opt-in to a club’s voluntary ticket-based revenue share program.

By becoming a Major League Footy franchisee, you will be part of a growing global network that is dedicated to the growth of the world’s greatest game. We will work with you and assist you to achieve your goals.

Get in touch with us now – and get your club on the ground!