AFI Footy 7sFOOTY 7s

Footy 7s is a non-contact version of Aussie Rules Football that is played

Footy 7s

Footy 7s is safe, fun non-contact footy!

by people of all ages and abilities. Teams are mixed and no prior experience is required. It’s also great fun to play!

How does it work?
* Teams consist of 7 players per side – 2 forwards, 3 midfielders and 2 backs.
* All teams must have a minimum of 2 females.
* No tackling is allowed.
* Only the forward line may score for their team.
* Goals kicked by females are worth 9 points (super goals).
* Goals can only be kicked from marks taken in the forward zone.

Why play Footy 7s?
Footy 7s is a great version of non-contact footy.

The main differences from other versions are:

1. You only need 7 players (2 of which must be females) to play Footy 7s. So very easy to get a team together!
2. In other versions when the ball hits the ground it’s a turnover, severely interrupting the flow of play.

In Footy 7s it is play on, just like real footy!

Footy 7s Chewies v Manta Rays