MLF 2018-19
The 2018-19 Major League Footy Premiership Season features head-to-head competition as sides compete to earn one of three berths in the playoff series.

The Premiership Season schedule of head-to-head matches begins Saturday, October 27, 2018 and continues to Saturday, April 6, 2019.

Winning teams are awarded 4 points in the standings (ladder) for a victory.

In the instance of a tied game (draw), two points are awarded to each side. No points are awarded for a loss.

The 2018-19 Major League Footy Premiership Season features ten sides, including the two ‘State of Origin’ sides.

The schedule is based on seven sides playing a total of ten matches each, with many fixtures being ‘double-headers’. Double-headers are played as two games of two ten-minute halves each.

The Miami Saints will play a total of six regular season matches, with the potential for an additional two added dates.

The State of Origin sides will play a minimum of two matches each, with an opportunity to advance to four added matches. The winner of the State of Origin head-to-head weekend will advance into regular season week between the nine sides in the Eastern Conference, and one game per week between the four sides in the Western Conference.


At the conclusion of the Premiership Season, the three sides at the top of the standings (ladder) based on wins and percentages, will compete in a play-off (Finals).

The first place side (minor Premiers) will have a bye in the first round of the Finals series, in which the #2 and #3-seeded sides will play two matches. The side winning the first round based on victories and percentages will advance to face the #1 seed in the 2018-19 Championship Final.