The 2018 Major League Footy Premiership Season features head-to-head competition as sides compete to earn a berth in the playoff series.

The Eastern Conference season began April 14, with the Western Conference sides beginning MLF play June 2. The 2018 Premiership Season runs through September 15.

Winning teams are awarded 4 points in the standings (ladder) for a victory.

In the instance of a tied game (draw), two points are awarded to each side. No points are awarded for a loss.

The 2018 Major League Footy Premiership Season is based on an ‘unbalanced’ schedule, with ‘legacy’ sides (‘First Division’) playing a greater total number of games than developing or newer sides (‘Elite Series)’.

In addition, the Western Conference sides will play a lesser total number of games than some Eastern Conference sides.

In general, there are one-three matches per week between the nine sides in the Eastern Conference, and one game per week between the four sides in the Western Conference.

P W D L F A PD Pts
1 St. Petersburg St. Petersburg Swans 10 7 0 3 640 544 96 28
2 BOMBERS Tampa Bay Bombers 9 6 0 3 574 412 162 24
3 StarfishFC St. Petersburg Starfish FC 10 6 0 4 516 448 68 24
4 MIAMI Miami Saints 6 4 0 2 318 243 75 16
5 FLORIDA LIONS Florida Lions 8 4 0 4 292 283 9 16
6 LAKELAND Lakeland Tigers 7 2 0 5 295 365 -70 8
7 CLWTR Clearwater Kangas 7 2 0 5 266 496 -230 8
8 SUNCOAST Suncoast Suns 7 1 0 6 257 367 -110 4

With all sides being included on the combined 2018 Major League Footy Premiership Season ladder, this unbalanced schedule format increases the importance of overall percentages in determining the qualifiers for the playoff series, making it possible for a side with a fewer total number of games to secure a playoff berth based on performance.


At the conclusion of the Premiership Season, the three sides at the top of the Eastern Conference standings (ladder) based on wins and percentages, will compete in a play-off (Finals).

The first place side (minor Premiers) will have a bye in the first round of the Finals series, in which the #2 and #3-seeded sides will play two matches. The side winning the first round based on victories and percentages will advance to face the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference Final.

The winner of the Eastern Conference Final will advance to play the winner of the Western Conference in the MLF Championship (Grand Final) in October.

In the Western Conference, the top two-seeded sides will compete head-to-head in the Western Conference Final.

The winner of that contest will face the Eastern Conference Champion in the MLF Championship (Grand Final).

With a competition ladder determined traditionally (by victories and percentages), the Major League Footy 2018 Premiership Season is based on a ‘tiered’ or ‘unbalanced’ schedule format, with ‘legacy’ clubs (St. Petersburg Swans, Miami Saints,  Suncoast Suns, St. Petersburg Starfish FC and Cleawater Kangas comprising the First Division.

First Division clubs play a greater number of home and away matches during the 2018 season, and the scheduling disparity is offset by the introduction of the Elite Series. All clubs are included on one combined Major League Footy ladder.

New and development teams  – as well as competing visiting teams – are included in the Elite Series. battling to earn promotion for the 2018-’19 campaign.

Mid-season ‘friendly’ or exhibition matches may also be added by MLF clubs in August-October.

Friendly / exhibition matches do not factor in the MLF Season Ladder.

While First Division sides have generally ‘fixed’ player lists of 7 starting players on the ground and 3 reserves (bench), Elite Series clubs have more fluid player lists, and are open to all interested and eligible players.

Players may be assigned by the League to or from the Elite Series sides, based on roster allocation needs. Player transactions are permitted match-to-match, with statistics of Elite Series players moving with that player.