MLFIntroducing the game into the college sports scene in the United States will be part of our long-term strategic plan.

More than 460,000 college athletes make up the 19,000 teams that send more than 54,000 participants to compete each year in the NCAA’s 90 championships in 24 sports across 3 divisions.

As we grow the game in the USA, our aim is to lobby the NCAA to recognise Footy 9s as an official collegiate sport.

Footy 9s is a game for everyone, as it has transferable skills from other sports such as Football and Basketball.

As a new and dynamic team sport, we believe it will also engage more people within sport at the college level, particularly those who do not normally participate in mainstream sports.

Also, the touch version of Footy 9s has the potential to be a very popular co-ed sport on campus. It is non-contact, fun, and a great way to get fit.

If you attending a College in the US and would like to start your own team, please contact us.