MLFMajor League Footy offers innovative sponsorship, advertising and ticket-based revenue sharing to its member clubs.

SPONSORSHIPS: League-wide sponsorships are shared between the league and its clubs, with 33% of all league-wide sponsorship proceeds being distributed collectively to franchisee-operated clubs.

A further percentage of league-wide sponsorship revenues are allocated to the Major League Footy Players Association, which represents all on-field personnel on league matters.

TICKET REVENUE: Proceeds from the game day ticket sales of First Division (“legacy”) home clubs are subject to a 40% share with visiting franchisee-operated clubs.

While the Home Team’s concession sales are exempt from revenue sharing, visiting clubs may offer their merchandise for only a 10% house fee.

BROADCAST ADVERTISING: Major League Footy and FAM Sports, the league’s in-house production source, provide audio and video streaming capabilities and social media management for all league clubs. While FAM Sports offers Major League Footy clubs these services in exchange for a production fee, 33% of all league-wide advertising revenue is shared equally by franchise-operated clubs.

MERCHANDISING AND ONLINE SALES: Major League Footy and FAM Sports also offer merchandising partnerships with league partners, empowering clubs to create and sell team merchandise. A portion of all online merchandise sales on the league’s eCommerce sites is dedicated to funding the Major League Footy Foundation.