Major League Footy is the US-based league of pro-am Footy 9s, a fast-paced, action-packed version of Australian Rules football developed by Australian Football International.

A full-contact sport, Footy 9s distills the best of Aussie Rules for play on an American football field, and offers players, fans and team operators a fun and viewer-friendly take on footy that’s perfect for the USA!


Major League Footy founding club St. Petersburg Swans have been playing 9-a-side footy on a gridiron since 2014.

Major League Footy’s franchise-based league model, October-March competition schedule and elimination of barriers for player participation – along with a strong commitment to player development in conjunction with the American Footy Star program – put the league on the vanguard for the growth of the world’s greatest sport in the United States – and beyond.

Our second season begins November 18, 2017.

As footy legend Kevin Sheedy, one of the true visionaries of the sport (and fierce advocate of footy in America) has stated:

“The United States would be that excited about Australian football if we ever got it right. If we can gradually get some infrastructure there to build the leftover of a fantastic collegiate system in America that builds probably the greatest athletes in the world but at the end of their collegiate career in regard to their studies, don’t make professional gridiron or professional basketball careers. If we actually found the right group of people to actually promote Australian football in America, it’d be like rock and roll. It’d just take off. Because we have the game.”

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