MLF AUSSIE RULES FIVESAustralian Rules Football (affectionately known as ‘Aussie Rules’ or ‘Footy’)  is a code of football featuring high-scoring, hard-hitting and free-flowing action from start to finish.

While the traditional game features 18 players per team – playing on a cricket sized oval – a new adaptation of the sport for American football fields is known as the Major League Footy Aussie Rules Fives Game Play System (U.S. Patent Pending).

You can just call it footy!

A simple, yet radically innovative version of the sport, developed over three seasons of competitive game-play, MLF Aussie Rules Fives is the refinement and distillation of previous attempts to create a playing format of Australian Football, specifically for the American sporting scene.

While preserving key components of traditional footy, like wide-open spaces, traditional scoring (with the addition of the ‘super goal’), and an increased level of contested play, MLF Aussie Rules Five eliminates congestion on the ground, as well as the disadvantage caused by ruck play on a smaller ground.MLF

The limited roster size and flexibility to play on just about any multi-purpose ground also makes it much easier to field a club or competition in your area – while still preserving everything that makes Aussie Rules the world’s greatest team sport!

Over the course of three years and over 130 ‘proof of concept’ matches, MLF Aussie Rules Fives has been developed as a standardized format of game play that eliminates the barriers of participation, and makes it easy for a new American player to be ‘game ready’ in minutes, even with no prior exposure to traditional Australian football!

At the same time, seasoned footy players will also quickly find the inherent appeal in the format, once they’ve had a chance to give it a go!


Aussie Fives is an exciting new take on traditional Aussie Rules football – adapted for the USA!

  • Aussie Fives matches are played on rectangular fields, 100 yards x 53.3 yards
  • Each team consists of 5 players – 1 back, 1 forward and 3 midfielders
  • The game starts with a jump ball in the middle of the field
  • The object is to score more goals than the opposing team
  • A goal is scored when the ball is kicked through the posts
  • The ball is moved around the field by either a kick or handball
  • Players can go anywhere on the field and there is no off-side rule
  • As in basketball, players must bounce the ball when they run (every 15 yards)
  • Defender awarded free kick on defensive ‘spoil’ on boundary
  • Clock is 4 x 10-minute quarters (one game); 2 x 10 minute halves (double-header)
  • Each team allowed one 30-second ‘Time Out’
  • Kick in or play on from goal line after goals or behinds
  • Goals – 6 points, Behinds – 1 point
  • 10-point ‘super goals’ from beyond 40 yards
  • Deliberate Rushed Behind = 1 point plus free-kick
  • Overtime Period if game tied after regulation
  • Shootout Period if game tied after Overtime Period