Footy 9s is a new take on an idea whose time has come.

Think the Quarterback style forward pass will never work in ‘footy’? Well, it’s not an entirely new idea.

In fact, Footy 9s is a refined evolution of the World War II era sport ‘Austus’…and an idea whose time has come.

There were certainly grand plans afoot after a successful run of Austus matches in Victoria during the War, when Ern Cowley of the Melbourne Sporting Globe and his friend Bill Jost devised a new sport of compromise rules that would see American athletes stationed in the South Pacific take on Aussie Rules clubs on a more even playing field.

How to do that? The forward pass.

By incorporating the forward pass into what otherwise was fully Australian football, the American competitors immediately became competitive in an otherwise completely new sport.

In fact, the prodigious passing of the Yanks proved more than competitive – the American sides actually took the ‘Best of Five’ series of matches, 3 games to 2, and sparked talked of an international ‘World Championship of Football’ in the US after the War.

Sadly, the conclusion of the American’s service Down Under instead saw the end of the Austus Era, as players returned to their respective football codes.

It’s been a 75-year wait, but Footy 9s stands as the evolution of this remarkable and ‘Invented in Australia’ fusion of the best of both codes.

With refined rules and game-play best suited for American skills and sporting tastes, Footy 9s has taken a great old-school solution to the ‘Bringing Footy to America’ quandary that has seen the traditional 18-a-side on a cricket oval find slow going in the States.