MLF 2017 DRAFTThe 2017 Major League Footy Winter Player Draft will be held Friday, November 10 in St. Petersburg, Florida.

The six MLF First Division sides will select players from the league’s registered player list, and will draft in order of finish in the 2016-’17 season.

Elite Series (development) teams will not select players in the 2017 Winter Draft, but will claim first priority on players on a territorial basis.

Selection Order of the 2017 Major League Footy Winter Player Draft:

1. Clearwater
2. Orlando
3. Pasco
4. Starfish FC
5. Suncoast
6. St. Petersburg

The Florida Redbacks (Elite Series) side will also not participate in the 2017 Draft, but will hold claim to all players represented on the Redbacks’ alumni/historical player list.Those players are also be eligible for selection.

A First Division side’s designated team captain is also eligible for selection by an Elite Series developmental squad.

Incoming or transient players participating in a league match will be considered free agents, and will be allocated by the league to the club seeded lowest on the ladder prior to that player’s participation.

The 2017 Major League Footy Winter Player Draft will be conducted live on Facebook and Twitter beginning at 7:30 PM, Friday, November, 10, 2017.

The draft follows a ‘snake’ format – the team drafting last in the First Round will draft first in the Second Round.

Sides may trade draft positions beginning on the opening of the 2017-’18 league year (October 23) and until the draft is complete.

Only draft selections are eligible for trade between clubs, players are not eligible for trade. Sides may not trade draft positions for selections in future drafts.

The draft will continue for 9 rounds, or until all registered players have been selected.