MLF PLAYING FIELDMajor League Footy is a distinctly American take on Australian Rules Football, and fuses elements or various playing formats to create a fast-paced, high scoring game that delivers a great experience for players and supporters alike.

On and off the ground, MLF is designed to foster a sustainable playing format and business model for independent, semi-professional Australian football in the United States.

Our game is played on a rectangular field in the dimensions of an American (gridiron) field, with 7 players on the ground.

Unlike other new ‘export’ versions of Aussie Rules, MLF preserves the ruck contest after goals and footy’s iconic goal posts, while also incorporating contemporary rules as the game evolves, and as developed by Australian Football International.

The result is a free-flowing, high-scoring and fast-paced game of Australian Football that is familiar to footy players and supporters everywhere, while being suited to American players and available American sports facilities – an American tastes.

Clubs operated on the traditional American sports business model, as opposed to the traditional ‘club’ structure, and financial barriers for entry to the sport are eliminated. Players are not assessed dues in Major League Footy.