Major League Footy has announced the launch of Major League Cricket, a competition of ‘Big Bash’-style cricket in Central Florida.

The competition will launch in 2019, with an April-October season schedule.

As a result of joining the American Cricket Federation and USA Cricket, the management group of Major League Footy and Major League Cricket has reorganized as Australian-American Major Leagues, Inc., as a holding company for competitions in both sports.

The launch of Major League Cricket is a direct response to the interest of Major League Footy’s Australian ex-patriot members, who sought the inclusion of an active cricket competition in the advancement of sport and cultural exchange.

The 2019 Major League Cricket competition will immediately follow the conclusion of the 2018-19 Major League Footy Premiership Season.

The new competition’s flagship side, the St. Petersburg Swamp Monsters, will assume a leadership position in the launch of Major Like Cricket, specifically in the Tampa Bay metro area and West Central Florida.


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