For the 2018 Major League Footy Premiership Season, new and development teams- as well as visiting or non-league teams – compete in Elite Series matches. Elite Series sides and their matches are included on the 2018 Major League Footy Premiership ladder, although sides competing in the 2018 Elite Series may play a lesser number of league matches than the established, or ‘legacy’  ‘First Division’ clubs.

This ‘unbalanced’ schedule increases the importance of both wins-losses and overall percentages, making it possible for every side to compete for a playoff berth.

Mid-season ‘friendly’ or exhibition matches may be added during August-October. Friendly matches do not factor in the MLF Season Ladder.

Elite Series sides have more fluid player lists than the established First Division teams, and are open to all interested and eligible players.
Players may be assigned to member MLF sides by the League, based on roster allocation needs and/or player preference.

Those transactions can be made match-to-match, and a player’s statistics move with that player.