MLF16DSix sides competing in the 2016-17 Major League Footy Inaugural Season stocked their rosters with players comprised of the Tampa Bay ARFC senior list, as the 2016 Winter Footy Draft wrapped up the evening of November 11.

With Jason Kofender’s Pasco Black Dog having won the draft order lottery, Kofender wasted no time selecting US National Team veteran and Swans Senior Coach Dustin Jones with the #1 Overall selection.

The remaining picks of the seven round draft showed a mix of veteran players and emerging new talent, with 2016 awardees Janni Mirosevich, Jordan Calero, Benjamin Walker Austen Kugler and Kyle Roun all chosen in succession in the first round.

Squad captains were eligible to be selected by any other side due to the limited number of winter matches. Captains will revert to their own side in the event of a head-to-head match-up.

Major League Footy is the Florida Winter League of Australian Football, with a season running November 19, 2016 – February 25, 2017. Match formats are co-ed and played 7 or 9 a-side, except where noted.

Results of the 2016 Winter Footy Draft:


1 PASCO – Dustin Jones
2 KANGAS – Janni Mirosevich
3 STARFISH – Jordan Calero
4 SUNS – Ben Walker
5 SWANS – Austen Kugler
6 ORLANDO – Kyle Roun


7 ORLANDO Mark Earley
8 SWANS – Aaron Crittenden
9 SUNS – Brad Freeman
10 STARFISH – Tim Kleman
11 KANGAS – Jaron Weaver
12 PASCO – Matt Segedin


13 PASCO – CJ Morton
14 KANGAS – Ryan Morton
15 STARFISH – Matt Elliott
16 SUNS – Danny McDonald
17 SWANS – Arthur Beredjick
18 ORLANDO – Brian McArdle


19 ORLANDO: Jarred Fegan
20 SWANS: Jordan Brower
21 SUNS Jason Namour
22 STARFISH : Heather van der Hoop
23 : Holly Jones
24 PASCO: Jake Keglor


25 PASCO: Basil Benjamin
26 KANGAS: Annie Weaver
27 STARFISH FC: Scott Cooper
28 SUNS: Marc Karver
29 SWANS: Dionne Jones
30 ORLANDO Greg Bray


31 ORLANDO: Adham Makki
32 SWANS: Kenneth Scheidt
33 SUNS: Alan Bates Mendonca
34 STARFISH FC: Amaran Subramanian
35 KANGAS: Judah Lieblich
36 PASCO: Shio Benjamin


37 PASCO: John Churns
38 KANGAS: Sharon Gam
39 STARFISH FC: Jackson Bray
40 SUNS: Nicholas Orr
41 SWANS: Jason Kofender
42 ORLANDO: David Miede